X-ray Nondestructive Tester - Application in the SMT Industry


X-RAY Nondestructive Tester - Application in the SMT Industry

SMT industry analysis and application range:

BGA, PCBA soldering inspection (bridged open cold soldering cavity, etc.)

Partial condition of ultra-fine parts such as system LSI (broken wire, continuous welding)


SMT process defect introduction

(1) BGA PCBA voids, bubbles. Cause: The solder paste is not evenly stirred, and the gas is generated when the solder paste is melted.


Bubble detection process
image.png          image.png

2) BGA PCBA with tin, biased. Cause: There may be problems with tin solder printing, and the printing process needs to be checked. The bias may be that there is no alignment when mounting.


3) BGA PCBA cold welding, virtual welding, less ball. Cause: Most of the problems are caused by printing.


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