Safety Signs


X-rays are generated when powered.

The X-rays irradiated by this machine are harmful to the human body. Please pay full attention during operation to avoid direct or accidental exposure.

When using an X-ray source, an interlock must be installed to prevent exposure to X-rays. During preheating, X-ray irradiation is performed under the conditions of maximum tube voltage and maximum tube current.



High voltage is generated, please be careful of electric shock.

To avoid electric shock or erroneous operation, do not remove the operation panel or protective cover of this machine.


Ground terminal. Be sure to connect a ground wire.

To prevent electric shock, be sure to ground the GND terminal.


Operation notes (1)


1. The focus of the CCD lens cannot be adjusted at will.

2. The working voltage is generally between 60KV and 90KV, and the current is used in the range of 0.08mA. The voltage generally does not exceed 90KV.

3. The part of the light pipe cannot be touched to prevent the X-ray pipe part from being hit and vibrated by other objects.

4. When stopping detection, try to put X-RAY in OFF state

5. There is 100KV high voltage inside the machine, the grounding wire must be firmly connected.

6. When lead glass is damaged, it cannot be replaced with ordinary glass, please contact the manufacturer.

7. The door can not be opened when the X-ray tube is turned on.

8. When the current and voltage cannot be adjusted, please notify the manufacturer in time.


Operation notes (2)


1. There is 100KV high voltage inside the X-Ray machine, and all the high-voltage loop current passes into the earth, so there must be a good independent grounding wire. After the machine is newly installed or moved, the ground wire must be connected before it can be used. If the machine is not grounded or the grounding does not meet the requirements and is damaged, the machine should not be guaranteed.


2. Grounding requirements:


(1) When connected to earth, the resistance is not greater than 4 ohms.

(2) The ground connection must be greater than or equal to 2.5mm2 multi-core soft copper wire.

(3) The ground connection must be drawn from the grounding copper bar of the distribution line, and there must be no branch connection in the middle.

(4) The ground wire must be yellow and green.


Typical troubleshooting


Fault phenomenon 1: Voltage and current cannot be adjusted


  Method of exclusion:


1. The warm-up of the machine is not completed. Please restart the power supply and wait 12 minutes for the whole warm-up process to complete.

2. Check whether the front door and the back door are closed. Can observe whether the PLC input point 15, 19, 20 lights

3. The X-ray has a delay function. When no one is operating the machine, it will automatically turn off after 20 minutes.


Symptom 2: X-RAY cannot start


 Method of exclusion:


       1. Check whether the KA2 small relay is closed and the terminals are loose

       2 Check whether the front door and the rear door are closed. Can observe whether the PLC input point 15, 19, 20 lights

       3. X-ray has a delay function. When no one is operating the machine, it will automatically turn off after 20 minutes.


Obstacle phenomenon III: X-ray emission but no image


  Method of exclusion


1. Restart the software

2. Check whether the frame grabber is firmly inserted

3. Check the capture card driver

4. Check the video cable BNC connector for short circuit and open circuit


Trouble phenomenon 4:  sample stage can not move


     Method of exclusion


     1. Check whether the 24V voltage is normal

     2. Check whether each limit switch is overtraveled


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