Power laminated battery X-ray online testing equipment

Product category:Lithium Battery X-ray

Product model:MFX100LD


MFX100LD uses X-ray inspection software to detect data such as positive and negative winding size, winding deviation, electromagnetic fastener position deviation and other minor defects. The threshold setting, intelligent shielding of small defects, highlighting large defects intelligent analysis, output Analyze the report, identify good and defective products, and select the defective products. The front and rear ends of the equipment can be docked with the production line.


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  • X-ray Imaging

▼Application range:

▼ Applicable products: aluminum shell power laminated battery X-ray online detection

▼ Product Features:

▼Automatic feeding, automatic detection and judgment, automatic sorting of good and bad products, improving production efficiency and quality consistency

▼High detection efficiency, detection efficiency up to 12PPM/min, suitable for batch inspection

▼ Detecting angles can be adjusted arbitrarily, images and data are displayed online in real time, and multiple parts of the same battery are used to detect pictures and data, which are displayed in the same software interface for easy observation and recognition.

▼The whole equipment safety interlock, triple protection function, any department of the fuselage surface meets the safety radiation standards of European and American countries

project model:MFX100LD
X-ray tube X-ray tube type Closed tube
X-ray tube voltage 100KV
X-ray tube current 0.2mA
X-ray tube focus size 5µm
Enhanced screen Field of view 4"/6"(double field of view)
Resolution 110 lp/cm
Effectiveness Detection efficiency 12 PPM
Error rate 0.5%
Missing rate 0
Product superiority 99.5%
Radiation safety standard 1µSv/hr (International Safety Radiation Standard) 0.5µSv/hr


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