Cylindrical battery online X-ray inspection machine

Product category:Lithium Battery X-ray

Product model:MFX100LI


It is applied to the battery industry, adopts the principle of X-ray transmission, penetrates the inside of the battery, performs on-line detection and analysis on the internal structure of the cylindrical battery ear and the coverage of the positive and negative electrodes, and automatically detects the negative electrode and the shell wall in the 18650/26650 battery through software automatic detection and judgment. The situation (pitch, touch distance, bending state of the ear), is an efficient, professional, high-quality lithium battery testing equipment, automatic determination, data storage and defective product identification, screening isolation and other functions, to achieve the entire test Automated control of the process.


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Application range:

18650, 26650 cylindrical battery detection


1. Detection speed: adopts high-speed positioning transmission mechanism design, with a production capacity of 60 PPM or 120 PPM;

2. Modular design, strong scalability, automatic loading and unloading, automatic judgment, automatic sorting of good and bad products, reducing manpower and reducing production costs;

3. The detection capacity is 7ppm/min (4 corners measured by a battery). Fully automatic and intelligent detection, identification and removal to improve product consistency and quality assurance;

4. Real-time monitoring of all actions, signals, and hardware status, and display them on the software operation interface, which can be connected to the customer's automatic production line.

5. Measurement repeat accuracy S=±50μm or less

project model:MFX100LI
 X-ray tube  X-ray tube type Closed tube
 X-ray tube voltage 90kv
 X-ray tube focus size 5µm
 X-ray tube current 0.29mA
cooling method Air cooled
Enhanced screen Field of view 2”/4”(2 field of view)
Resolution  110 lp/cm
Maximum capacity 60PPM
Effectiveness Error rate ≤5%
Missing rate 0
Equipment utilization rate 99%
Radiation safety
< 1µSv/hr(International Safety Radiation Standard) < 0.5µSv/hr

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