High resolution X-ray nondestructive flaw detector HT5000

Product category:Die Casting X-ray

Product model:HT5000


The HT5000 is specialized in X-Ray inspection equipment for automotive parts, magnesium, die casting, and foundry inspection. The combination of a high-output micro-focus X-ray device and an enhancer presents a high-pixel image without skew and blur, and is an X-ray fluoroscopy device that can observe and detect internal defects of parts such as aluminum castings. All operations can be performed with the aid of a mouse, allowing the operator to concentrate on his work. In addition, the advanced function of locating and tracking observation points from the appearance image has been added, making it easy to observe from all angles.


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  • X-ray Imaging

▼Application range:

▼Special X-ray inspection equipment for automotive parts, magnesium, die casting, and foundry inspection

▼ Product Features:

▼160KV ultra high voltage, resolution 0.2mm (optional 225KV, 350kv, 450KV), (optional 130kv, minimum resolution up to 2um light pipe)

▼Multi-functional platform, mobile, 360 degree rotation.

▼The platform device adopts synchronous pulley drive and is driven by servo stepping motor, which makes the movement of the stage more stable, low noise and high positioning accuracy.

▼High definition, strong penetration rate, maximum voltage up to 450kV, penetration force up to 80mm

▼The device has powerful software functions, optional 3D, CT scanning function

▼ can be customized according to customer needs, provide solutions



X-ray tube

X-ray tube type

Closed tube

X-ray tube voltage


X-ray tube current


X-ray tube focus size




Enhanced screen

Field of view

9 inches


70lp/cm(high resolution)

power supply

Power supply



X axis






铸件CT 3D图像.jpg     空隙CT图像.jpg    铸件HDR图像.jpg
      CASTING CT  3D                                      Gap CT                                    CASTING HDR

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