Dl1000 component counter: used for SMT industry reel fast counting


The component counter is also called SMT spotting machine and automatic reeling machine, which is mainly used for fast counting of reel materials used in the production of SMT industry. With Industry 4.0 as the standard, intelligent modular design, it can be equipped with artificial intelligence deep learning software and cloud update system for all items of 7-17 inch Tape Reel/Tray/IC. Material types include all resistance-capacitance materials and IC materials. Use X-ray imaging technology to detect production materials and obtain image information. After fast counting through image algorithms, the actual quantity of materials can be obtained. At the same time, the number of materials can be classified and counted, and the equipment data information can be compared with the customer MES Docking system. The advantages of our machine are: full Chinese operation interface, high degree of intelligence, general production line workers can operate proficiently after simple training, programming method is simple and easy to learn, fast, accurate positioning, high software measurement accuracy. At present, many customers have chosen our equipment for many times.



1. The ray source adopts American Thermo Fisher closed X-ray tube, which has the characteristics of stability, maintenance-free and long life.

2. The X-ray receiver adopts the Korean Viewors flat panel detector, which has the characteristics of imaging block and no distortion.

3. It can calculate one 13-17 inch material tray or 4 7 inch material trays at the same time.

4. The algorithm and database are permanently updated and supported for free.

5. There is no need to spend 3-5 days to input data to the material tray in the factory, users can use it directly.

6. Support any format SPC statistics, pictures and automatic saving of results

7. Significantly reduce the time for counting, eliminate redundant manpower, and help other personnel to take up or change the line to shorten the time for line change.

8. Digitized data, you can print barcode stickers or upload directly to the database. The traditional way of counting machine must be one for each operator, which takes up a lot of space. The result of the inventory is still filled in manually, and there may be mistakes or omissions. .

9. There is no need to open the packaging bag to maintain the integrity of the materials and will not affect the moisture resistance of the materials.

10. Meet the trend of Industry 4.0, SMT production line, intelligent, less human, and efficient.


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