Take you to know SMT "automatic online X-ray substrate inspection device"


Facing the highly information society of the 21st century, the development of electronic machinery is changing with each passing day. Mobile phones and various automatic machinery are becoming increasingly lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller and more popular. The development has accelerated the trend of component precision and high-density mounting, and this has also given the entire SMT The industry has had a profound impact. The continuous emergence and application of new types of components have increased the density of components on printed circuit boards, the distance between IC chip pins has become smaller, and the size of components has also become smaller. Under the background of this kind of component precision and high-density mounting, traditional testing systems, whether needle bed type, flying probe type, fixture type, or even visual inspection cannot be performed. In recent years, X-ray inspection has been adopted. Testing is based on technology.

With the trend of scientific and technological progress, X-ray inspection technology is constantly improving, and Ailante Technology is also providing more stable and convenient inspection tools for various fields. As shown in the figure below, it is an advanced fully automatic online X-Ray substrate inspection device developed by Airland based on the needs of the SMT industry.


Model: MFX600LP

product description:

Mainly used in the detection of BGA/CSP, insertion components, SOP/QFP, triode, CHIP components, bottom electrode components, QFN, power modules, detection of missing solder, non-wetting, solder volume, offset, foreign matter, bridge, and pin No waiting (different choices according to different inspection objects). The inspection software independently developed by Airland Technology can perform image processing, analysis, and automatic calculation of defects for various electronic components, such as: BGA, void ratio, area, distance, etc. The inspection method combines automatic inspection and visual inspection.


This device is equipped with a high-precision micro-focus X-ray device and a high-resolution flat-panel detector to obtain high-definition X-Ray images. The image processing software performs contrast, brightness, and integration processing to obtain high-quality, clear 3D images. The measurement software checks product defects, and the computer automatically saves the detection results. Good products and defective products are distinguished from the outside of the output device.

     X-ray inspection chart

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