X-ray detection to improve the effectiveness of cable joint fault detection


In the context of social development, the urbanization process is gradually accelerating. To meet the needs of power transmission and transformation projects, power cables are widely used. Cable accessories mainly include failure factors such as cable joints and cable terminations. If they cannot be resolved in a timely manner, they will restrict the construction of cable joint detection methods. For cable joints, the stability of their work is only 5 to 10 years. Afterwards, they will be affected by operating conditions, environmental factors, and human factors, which will cause aging and deterioration of the cable joints, thereby reducing the quality of work. Therefore, it is of great significance to seek a completely new solution in the work of power enterprises at this stage. Through the use of X-ray detection technology, the defects, positions and sizes of cable joints can be accurately determined, which improves the accuracy, quality and efficiency of fault detection, thereby providing effective support for the operation and development of the power industry and fully satisfying modernization The core requirement of power enterprise cable fault detection.


Advantages of X-ray inspection technology:

1. Strong penetrating power: due to the relatively short wavelength and large energy of X-rays, in the process of irradiating the substance, only a part will be absorbed by the substance, most of it will penetrate through the gap between atoms, So it can be found that the penetration ability of X-ray is very strong.

2. Ionization: When a substance is exposed to X-rays, it can deviate from the original electron generation orbit by extra-nuclear electrons, and construct a method for measuring electric charge to achieve the purpose of fault detection.

3. Fluorescence effect: Because the X-ray wavelength is very short, it is difficult for people to see with the naked eye, but when it irradiates a certain compound, a certain fluorescence reaction will occur. For example, when irradiating phosphorus, platinum barium cyanide and other substances, visible light and ultraviolet light will appear, and the intensity of this light has a positive correlation with X-ray. Therefore, in the current stage of cable structure fault detection, relevant personnel can determine the detection method through the analysis of X-ray advantages in order to improve the timeliness of fault detection and provide support for the stable operation of power companies.


    All in all, in the analysis of cable joint failure factors at this stage, through the analysis of X-ray detection factors, the problems of failure factors are recognized in time. Moreover, the different positions and different orientations of the cable are detected, and the types of cable defects are diagnosed in time, and on this basis, a visual inspection scheme for the internal structure of the cable is realized, so as to quickly assess the cable defect problems.

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