X-ray non-destructive fluoroscopy equipment provides a strong security for lithium battery


With the rapid development of portable electronic devices and electric vehicles, people are more concerned about how to ensure the safety of lithium batteries in addition to the larger capacity and faster charge and discharge speed of lithium batteries. Because of the explosion of lithium batteries and other events from time to time, it is necessary to make people nervous. How to make a safer and more reliable lithium battery has become an urgent demand of major well-known battery manufacturers.


    According to the analysis of relevant experts in the lithium battery industry, the safety problems and consistency of power lithium batteries mainly come from the following aspects: 1) various defects of the positive and negative pole pieces of the lithium battery; 2) various defects during the PACK process of the battery cell; 3) The rationality of the function of the BMS management system, etc .; the first case is the main factor that determines the safety of the battery, so you can use X-ray non-destructive perspective testing equipment to detect internal defects and failure analysis of the battery. The internal positive and negative electrodes and internal structure are tested to ensure the safety of the lithium battery.



The online x-ray detection equipment for lithium batteries independently developed and produced by Alantech adopts the principle of X-ray transmission, penetrates the interior of the battery, and conducts online detection and analysis of the internal structure of the pole ears of the cylindrical battery and the coverage of the positive and negative plates, and is automatically judged by the software. Automatically detects the condition of the negative electrode and the wall of the 18650/26650 battery (spacing, contact distance, bending state of the pole ears, etc.). It is an efficient, professional, and high-quality lithium battery detection device. Good product identification, screening and isolation functions realize automatic control of the entire testing process.

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