X-ray nondestructive testing technology helps the development of automobile hub manufacturing industry


With the rapid development of society, casting products are widely used in many industrial fields. Castings are indispensable in aviation, ships, vehicles, etc. Among all parts of a car, castings account for about 17%, such as car shells, wheels, etc. It can be seen that casting products are closely related to our lives. The quality of the cast product is directly related to the user's vital interests, and even more directly affects the user's personal safety. For example, the wheel of the vehicle must directly bear the load and wear out with the road for a long time. If there is a problem with its quality, it will directly threaten To the safety of the passengers.


As the country vigorously develops the automotive industry, the demand for automotive wheels is increasing, and wheel manufacturers must strictly check the quality of the wheels to avoid the flow of defective substandard wheels into the market. Increased demand for wheels, x-ray non-destructive testing technology is widely used in the field of automotive wheel defect detection.

     X-ray non-destructive testing technology is one of the basic technologies in the field of modern industrial detection. In the automotive hub manufacturing industry, X-rays are used to detect defects in aluminum alloy wheel castings, including pores, shrinkage, shrinkage, oval pinholes, round pinholes, and high and low density inclusions, to determine whether the hub is qualified. In terms of ensuring the quality and safety of pressure-bearing equipment products, x-ray non-destructive testing technology becomes more and more important. The x-ray nondestructive fluoroscopy testing equipment developed and produced by Alantech has high detection efficiency, atmospheric appearance and good quality, which is very suitable for the automotive wheel manufacturing industry to be put into use.

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