X-ray testing is an important technical means to improve the reliability of electronic high-tech products


In the field of electronic high-tech applications, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits have received widespread attention. Some of these ultra-large-scale integrated circuits have the largest number of connections to the outside due to their huge functions. On the bottom surface of the chip to tens of square centimeters, there are regularly distributed dense wire connection points. These leads have many and dense surface mount device mounting and printed boards to form application circuits with certain functions. In this case, the connection point between the device and the printed board cannot be visually observed except for the outer periphery of the periphery, that is, the solder joint cannot be visually observed. However, in actual production practice, the quality of each connection point is difficult to be perfect, and each welding point may have various welding defects (such as bridging, virtual welding, solder balls, insufficient wetting, etc.) This will seriously affect the reliability of the circuit used. If a bridge defect occurs, the circuit cannot achieve its design function or even debug. Due to the invisibility of these connection points, microscopic, visual, laser infrared and other detection methods are powerless, so to understand the actual situation of these circuits after welding, X-ray inspection with the ability to penetrate non-transparent substances is required Method to detect. X-rays have strong penetrability. X-ray perspective can clearly show the compensation of the thickness, shape and quality of the solder joints. It can fully reflect the welding quality of the solder joints and can be quantitatively analyzed.


Alante has developed and produced a SMT x-ray inspection device FX100: it is mainly suitable for BGA, CSP, Flip Chip inspection, PCB board welding, capacitance, resistance and other electronic components. Light tube voltage 100KV, optional 90KV, 130KV, 160KV; optional flat panel detector, the image resolution can be as low as 5um; the stage can be rotated 360 degrees, and can be equipped with 360 degrees rotating fixture; optional 3D, CT scanning Function, so that the defect nowhere to escape.

SMT X-ray inspection equipment FX100



Alante specializes in research and development and production of X-ray fluoroscopy testing equipment, specializing in providing non-destructive testing solutions for electronic technology, automotive aviation, batteries and other industries. X-ray inspection equipment can not only meet the accuracy of solder joint inspection, but also realize timely feedback of information, providing time-saving, labor-saving and reliable guarantee for the production of electronic high-tech enterprises.

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