X-ray detection technology helps the development of foundry industry


Because the casting method has the advantages of low cost, one-time forming, and large parts with complex structure, it is widely used in many fields of industrial production, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry. In the aerospace manufacturing industry, many parts are castings. Castings have important value in national economy and people's livelihood. In the casting process, due to casting process and other reasons, some castings will have defects, such as oxidized impurities, bubbles, pores, shrinkage, cracks, etc. These defects affect the performance and service life of castings, and will cause potential hazards during use, especially in manufacturing industries such as automobiles and aerospace. The impact of these potential hazards is even more serious.


In order to ensure the quality of castings, production enterprises need to strictly pay attention to the detection of castings, but some internal defects of castings cannot be detected by ordinary methods. There are many methods for evaluating the quality of castings. Among them, X-ray inspection has the best effect. It can detect the internal structure and mechanical properties of the object without damaging the inspected object, which makes many defects clear at a glance. Defective qualitative and quantitative analysis.

    The importance of X-ray inspection in casting inspection is self-evident. The inspection of casting quality is not only a manifestation of the company's high-quality production services, but also a beneficial guarantee for industrial safety. It can be said that the development of the casting industry is inseparable from the development of X-ray inspection technology.

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