X-ray nondestructive testing of power battery


With the increasing global energy crisis, the development of new energy technologies has become a necessary choice to meet the sustainable development needs of human society.

As the core component of electric vehicles, power batteries will have rapid development in the entire power production industry chain enterprise. In particular, the development of lithium-ion power batteries is the fastest. However, due to the many production processes of lithium ions, there are often problems in the finished battery, such as the dew foil of the pole piece, the uneven coating of the pole piece, the attachment of the pole ear, the folding of the pole ear, and the misalignment of the positive and negative pole pieces. The detection technology that can achieve the detection purpose, improve product quality without affecting the current production efficiency, and reduce the loss rate to detect the internal defects of the battery, that is, X-ray detection.


X-ray inspection is a non-destructive testing technology, which has become a mature testing technology after years of development. The X-ray detection system performs radiographic imaging on the object without destroying the structure of the object, obtains an image of its internal structure, and judges the internal defect of the object through image analysis. Through this detection system, it will effectively improve the yield rate of finished power batteries, improve the production efficiency of power battery companies, save production costs, enhance the safety factor of power batteries and power battery packs, and then for the safe development of pure electric vehicles Provide a strong guarantee to promote the healthy, efficient and orderly development of the entire electric vehicle industry chain.

    Alantech specializes in the production of power battery X-ray testing equipment to help the new energy industry and effectively provide battery internal analysis solutions. Its model is the power battery lamination x-ray online testing equipment MFX100L: the front and back ends of the equipment are docked with the production line, automatic feeding, automatic detection and judgment, automatic sorting of good products and bad products, improve production efficiency and quality.

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