X-ray inspection of internal defects of aluminum alloy hub


Aluminum alloy wheels first appeared in 1923, but the real mass production was in the 1980s. China began to introduce aluminum alloy wheel production lines from abroad in the mid-1980s. The aluminum alloy wheel is light in weight and beautiful in shape, and at the same time, it has good heat dissipation performance, which enhances the tire life and has better kinematics and dynamic performance, so it is widely used in the car field. There are many methods for manufacturing aluminum alloy wheels, but there is no guarantee that there are no defects inside each product. Such internal defects cannot be found only with the naked eye, and the workpiece is not allowed to be damaged during inspection. This uses non-destructive testing technology.

Non-destructive testing technology plays an important role in product quality control. X-ray inspection is one of the most important methods in non-destructive inspection, and it is also the main method for detecting defects inside the wheel hub.


The X-ray inspection of the wheel hub is divided into two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part is mainly composed of hardware facilities such as X-ray devices. Their main function is to obtain digital X-ray images of different parts inside the wheel hub. The software part is mainly composed of image processing and defect recognition.

Common wheel defects are: air holes, shrinkage holes, shrinkage and inclusions. Porosity: It is caused by the gas being discharged in time when the liquid metal is cooled during the manufacturing process of the casting. Shrinkage and shrinkage: Both are voids caused by the shrinkage of the alloy volume during the cooling and solidification of the casting. Inclusions: foreign objects in castings that differ from their basic constituent metal components, including various metallic and non-metallic inclusions.


     With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards continue to increase, the demand for automobiles is increasing, and the quality requirements of automobiles are becoming higher and higher. The detection of automobile wheel hub defects plays a vital role in the quality assurance of the wheels. Ai Lante Technology specializes in the production of X-ray non-destructive fluoroscopy testing equipment, which is professionally used in aluminum alloy die casting and auto wheel industry auto inspection.

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