X-ray inspection of welding defects in LED chip packaging process


A light emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode, LED) is a semiconductor light emitting element. LED has many advantages such as long service life, low power consumption, environmental protection, etc., and has been widely used in the field of indication and display. With the continuous improvement of the output rate of high-power white LEDs, LED lighting has become possible. Therefore, LEDs are also known as "the fourth generation of lighting sources". In China, due to the dual limitations of equipment and output, most manufacturers use manual soldering methods, and the proportion of defective products due to substandard soldering systems during the packaging process accounts for more than 40%. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the soldering quality during the LED packaging process.


There are various defects in the LED chip packaging process. Contamination welding, repeated welding, damage and deformation of solder joints, and inappropriate lead wire angles are the most common. They are mainly caused by the production process is not strictly controlled, the solder joints are not welded in the effective area, and the production environment is not clean. These soldering defects may lead to increased contact resistance, decreased soldering firmness, and even short-circuiting the positive and negative electrodes, thereby reducing component reliability. The method of X-ray inspection technology not only does not damage the structure of the component itself, but also shows the solder joint defects intuitively and clearly. The test process is simple and the results are obvious.




x-ray detection map

X-ray inspection equipment HT300L is a brand-new online X-Ray inspection system launched by Ailante to meet customers' needs for X-ray inspection with beautiful appearance, large detection area, strong resolution and high magnification. The system uses an enclosed ray source and a flat panel detector as the core components, and has excellent detection results. It is suitable for the inspection of LED chips, LED internal bonding wires, LED crystal wires, semiconductors, packaging components, electronic connector module inspection, photovoltaic industry and other industries.

     Its main features are:

▼ Equipped with a maintenance-free sealed tube type micro-focus X-ray tube, which has a long service life and low maintenance costs

▼ High resolution, the smallest defect can be detected 2um

▼ Dimensional measurement: distance measurement can be performed at 2 points, the angle between lines and radians is automatically calculated

▼ Measurement of LED package bubble rate: After setting the limit value, it can distinguish between qualified and unqualified products based on automatic calculation.

▼ Detector rotation detection, even if the defect part is not easy to find from the vertical direction, it can be detected by oblique perspective.

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