Intelligent detection solution for lithium battery


What is a lithium battery? Lithium batteries are a type of rechargeable batteries that rely on lithium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes for charging and discharging purposes. They have the advantages of high energy density, high voltage, long life, and no memory effect. Lithium batteries can be divided into lithium manganate batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary material batteries according to the positive electrode material; lithium batteries can be divided into cylindrical batteries and square batteries according to the shape; and can be divided into steel cases, aluminum cases and There are three types of aluminum plastic film (soft bag); according to the process, it can be divided into three types: cylindrical winding, square winding and square laminated sheet. As we all know, lithium batteries are widely used, mainly in three major industry applications: consumer electronics (mobile phones, laptops and tablets, etc.), electric vehicles (electric bicycles and electric cars, etc.), industrial energy storage equipment, and other (communications UPS and new energy storage power supplies, etc.), among which the lithium battery used in the electric vehicle industry is called power battery.

       Now our life is closely related to lithium batteries, and at the same time, the safety performance requirements for lithium batteries are becoming stricter. In order to ensure the safety of lithium batteries, strict quality control and checks are conducted in the early stage manufacturing process, and various safe use tips are provided in later stage consumer use. In fact, after the lithium battery is produced, before it reaches the consumer, a series of tests need to be performed to ensure the safety of the battery and reduce potential safety hazards.

      In the field of intelligent detection of lithium batteries, Ailante Technology has been exploring and researching in depth, and has launched a series of X-RAY non-destructive testing equipment, which can realize fast and accurate detection, make quality problems nowhere to hide, and provide quality products and services for battery manufacturers .


ELT X-RAY non-destructive fluoroscopy detector

        It is used to test the aluminum shell power laminated battery, soft pack battery, cylindrical battery and lithium battery in the battery industry. Detect the internal defects and actual effect analysis of the battery, and inspect the positive and negative electrodes and the internal structure of the battery.

       The MFX100 non-destructive fluoroscopy tester is an offline automatic detection device developed for cylindrical 18650/26650 lithium batteries. The device is controlled by PLC, sends X-rays through the X-ray generator, penetrates the battery, the imaging system receives X-ray imaging and taking pictures, processes the images through relevant software, and automatically measures and judges to determine good and bad products Pick out the defective products. Adopting high-speed positioning mechanism design, the production capacity can reach 30PPM, the detection accuracy can reach ± 0.04mm, the image is clear, the software automatically determines, analyzes, and detects automatically. There is no need to use a mechanical hand to remove the battery from the tray and then detect it. The test battery can be independently developed according to customer needs, and any part of the device body can meet safety radiation standards.


ELT Technology will continue to insist on independent innovation as the lead, and continue to increase the development and application of new technologies and processes to make products smarter, customers better, and life better.

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