Without Sun Wukong's golden eyes, you can still see the inside of the die-casting


Die casting is a modern metal casting process. It uses the mold cavity to apply high pressure forming to the molten metal. Compared with other casting technologies, the die casting surface is flatter and has higher dimensional consistency, but it is not standardized. Operation and parameters inevitably produce a large variety of casting defects, including excessive shape and size, porosity, shrinkage, inclusions, looseness and cracked bubbles, etc. The reasons relate to the performance of the die casting machine, the setting of die casting process parameters, die casting molds, and die casting Design and operation, materials and other diverse factors.

    In the past, domestic foundry production workshops mostly used destructive inspection and manual visual inspection methods, which had high labor intensity and low operating efficiency, and the test results were easily affected by the subjective influence of operators. At present, most die-casting manufacturers use X-ray inspection to inspect the die-casting, which has the characteristics of not destroying the casting, fast detection and simple operation.

    X-ray detection is to send X-rays through an X-ray generator and penetrate the sample under non-destructive conditions. According to the difference in the absorbance of the sample material by the X-ray, the X-Ray is received by the image intensifier and imaged and photographed. Non-destructive testing method for comparative analysis, measurement and judgment of the image and picture.

   Casting detection technology has a great impact on industrial production, affecting the economic benefits and production speed of industrial production. X-ray has become a popular technology as a commonly used technology in industrial casting detection.


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