Application analysis of X-ray nondestructive testing in Petrochemical Pressure Pipeline


The petrochemical industry is an important pillar industry of a country. The level of petrochemical production and technology directly affects a country's national strength. A large number of production equipment are involved in the petrochemical production work, such as pressure vessels, pressure pipelines and some special equipment. During the construction of petrochemical projects, these equipment often have problems of unqualified installation quality, which leads to the operation of production equipment Poor, it will cause potential safety hazards in petrochemical production, and it will also generate a lot of economic losses.


       Pressure piping is part of a pipeline and is very versatile. They play a huge role in the transportation of various natural resources such as oil and natural gas, covering all aspects of life. At present, pressure pipelines can be divided into oil and gas pipelines, public pipelines and industrial pipelines. Conduct quality control to ensure the normal supply of various resources and the safety of living environment. As one of the non-destructive testing technologies, radiographic inspection has been used more and more widely in the internal quality inspection of pipeline welds, and its importance is self-evident.

      In the application of non-destructive testing technology for pressure pipes, radiographic testing is a common testing technology. There is essentially no difference between x-rays and natural light. They are electromagnetic waves, but the optical quantum energy of x-rays is much larger than that of visible light. It can penetrate objects that cannot be penetrated by visible light. At the same time, it will have complex physical and chemical interactions with matter while penetrating objects. It can ionize atoms, make certain substances fluoresce, and cause certain substances to have a photochemical reaction. .. If there are defects in the local area of the workpiece, the attenuation of the object will be changed, and the intensity of the transmitted ray will be changed. In this way, a certain detection method is used, such as the use of thin film sensitivity to detect the intensity of transmitted light. You can determine if there are defects in the workpiece, and the location and size of the defects. Therefore, the application of this technology can not only effectively detect the quality problems in the pressure pipeline, but also not cause any damage to the pipeline, so it has great advantages.

In addition, through online technical testing, a large number of pressure pipes can be detected at the same time, which greatly improves the detection efficiency. For pressure pipes with internal defects or other hidden quality problems, radiographic inspection techniques can be tested more accurately. And it can measure the defect parameters very accurately, which is of great help to pipeline defect detection and greatly improves the performance and safety performance of pressure pipelines.

       Give full play to the role of X-ray non-destructive testing technology in engineering quality supervision, eliminate fraud at the source, essentially eliminate quality hazards, effectively ensure the supervision and management of engineering quality, and improve the work efficiency of engineering quality supervision agencies. It can also objectively and accurately assess the quality of the project, and at the same time promote the construction enterprise to continuously strengthen quality management and raise awareness of quality management.

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