X-ray inspection equipment is a safety shield for new energy vehicle lithium battery


Recently, there has been a lot of news about the explosion of lithium batteries. Even the lithium batteries produced by regular manufacturers cannot guarantee certain safety. In recent years, pure electric vehicles, which have become more and more popular, have made lithium battery safety issues no longer limited to "use" aspects of mobile phones, tablet computers, etc., and lithium battery safety issues have gradually become prominent. Whether it is "use" or "action", the premise and core of the lithium battery industry to bring convenience to consumers is its safety.


For lithium batteries, the reasons for the explosion are complex: collisions during transportation, ambient temperature and humidity during storage do not meet the standards are all one of the reasons for the explosion of lithium batteries, and one of the more important reasons is due to the manufacturing process of lithium batteries Defects in the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the safety of lithium batteries and avoid making lithium batteries a "bomb" around us. Because the outer layer of the battery is a thick layer of plastic or aluminum alloy, we can't know what is happening inside the lithium battery. At this time, we can use X-ray detection technology to penetrate the battery casing, and the internal structure of the battery is unobstructed. .

X-ray inspection is an efficient method for lithium battery inspection. Professional X-ray inspection equipment can well detect internal problems such as lamination, positive and negative electrodes, internal structure of the lugs and winding of lithium batteries.

Technology will always serve life. The internal perspective of lithium batteries is actually X-ray detection technology that can detect places that ordinary optical devices can't reach. Using science to protect mobile phone users, I believe that science and technology will improve the detection of electronic products in the future. , The safety of electronic products is getting higher and higher.

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