Ailant invites you to visit the CIBF2018 International Battery Technology Exhibition


The China International Battery Technology Conference/Exhibition (CIBF) is an international convention for the battery industry sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. It is held every two years in China and is the largest exhibition in the international battery industry. The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association is scheduled to hold the 13th China International Battery Technology Conference/Exhibition in Shenzhen on May 22-24, 2018.

   Shenzhen Ailan Te Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of ELT, USA. Headquartered in Nevada, USA, it is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of X-RAY, optical instruments and other testing instruments. Its own products are micron and nanometer. X-ray tube, X-ray image intensifier, X-RAY non-destructive inspection instrument. The company specializes in providing tailor-made non-destructive testing solutions for PCBA, SMT assembly, semiconductor devices, lithium batteries, automotive electronics, solar energy, LED packaging, hardware die-casting, connectors, and hubs.


      In recent years, the fire and explosion caused by batteries have been frequently seen in major media around the world, and the safety of batteries has become the focus of consumers. All major battery manufacturers must use a variety of inspection methods to ensure the safety of the battery. X-ray detection is one of the important detection methods. It uses X-ray transparency and software automatic measurement function to positive battery. negative electrode.


The laminated battery represents the model:

    Ailant independently developed X-ray inspection software to detect the micro-defects such as the winding size of the battery, the winding deviation, the position deviation of the electromagnetic fastener, the threshold setting, intelligently shielding some minor defects, highlighting large defects. Intelligent analysis, output analysis report, identify good and bad products, and select defective products, the front and rear ends of the equipment can be docked with the production line.


Product inspection imaging chart:


Cylindrical battery representative models:

MFX100LI online automatic X-RAY detection equipment is mainly used in the battery industry. It adopts the principle of X-ray transmission and penetrates the inside of the battery. It performs on-line detection and analysis on the internal structure of the cylindrical battery ear and the coverage of the positive and negative electrodes, and automatically detects and judges by software. Detecting the negative ear and shell wall of the 18650/26650 battery (pitch, touch distance, bending state of the ear, etc.), is an efficient, professional, high-quality lithium battery testing equipment, automatic determination, data storage and no Good product identification, screening isolation and other functions to achieve automatic control of the entire test process.


Product inspection imaging chart:


Soft pack battery representative model:

  MFX100L is mainly used in the battery industry. It uses the X-ray transmission principle for the online or offline automatic detection of polymer soft pack batteries. Two sets of optical imaging systems collect images online, and automatically measure the difference between the anode and cathode height of the battery through software analysis. Judging and sorting, identifying good and bad products, and selecting and handling the defective products, and the good products are transported through the belt to the next production process.


Product image:



X-ray lets you see the inside of the product without breaking the sample. Through the use of X-ray flaw detection, the waste caused by internal defects of the product is greatly reduced, and as an advanced detection means, the quality of the product is improved, which plays a role that cannot be ignored. For more product information, please visit or call 400-630-6556.

   We look forward to working with you and dedicated to providing you with the best X-ray inspection solution!


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