On June 14th, the 5th Baochuang Saifang Netizen special road show promotion meeting


About Baochuang

       Shenzhen Baoan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is guided by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, hosted by Shenzhen Baoan District People's Government, and undertaken by Baoan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau. The aim is to further promote the in-depth development of Baoan District's economy, stimulate Baoan District's enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, advocate innovation and entrepreneurship culture, create a smart manufacturing environment, guide entrepreneurial talents, innovative projects to Baoan, promote venture capital and entrepreneurial enterprises, and cultivate High-growth, high-tech startups help Baoan become more competitive in the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District and contribute to Baoan's value. In order to improve the construction of the Bao'an District Government's innovation and entrepreneurship system, we will further accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the development of high-tech industries and the construction of innovative urban areas.

      With the slogan of “Zhichuang Bay Area, Building Dream Baoan”, this competition aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of all people for innovation and entrepreneurship, absorb outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial talents, integrate innovation and entrepreneurial resources, and help Baoan “Centre of the Bay Area, Zhichuang Heights, and Shared Home”. Construction.


       On the afternoon of June 14, 2018, the 5th Shenzhen Baoan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Quartet Netizen Roadshow Promotion Conference. The event aims to strengthen the Bao'an District's dual-creation atmosphere during the Baoding Competition, promote the government's innovation policy support, recruit and guide more innovative enterprises and entrepreneurial teams to gather Baoan and gather Baoan.


       Shenzhen Ailan Te Technology Co., Ltd. signed up for the roadshow. The conference launched eight high-quality projects. The roadshow project of Elant is “machine vision industrial inspection-mobile robot equipment”. A number of investment institutions (Songhe Innovation Capital, Pengnian Investment, Zhuojun Daying Investment, Xianyu Capital, Gardener Capital, etc.) were invited to participate in the conference to promote investment and financing exchanges and docking.


Ailant-machine vision industry inspection mobile manipulator equipment project roadshow

Project road speech solutionQQ截图20190329112438.png

After the meeting, the investment institution and the project will communicate freely and dock. The conference ended successfully!

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